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About me

I am a PhD student at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. I was an EDIC Fellow during my first year. I am interested in post quantum cryptography and digital signatures. I am working in the LASEC lab supervised by Pr. Serge Vaudenay and Pr. Christophe Petit (ULB).


I completed a Bachelor in Mathematics at the University of Geneva (2016-2019), with an exchange semester at the University of Toronto during my 3rd year. I then obtained a MASt in Pure Mathematics at the University of Cambridge (2019-2020), more commonly known as Part III of the Mathematical Tripos, specializing in Number Theory. I went on with another Master in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Geneva (2020-2021), with a focus on cryptography and security.

What you can find here

In Projects, you can find my past and current research projects.

In Talks & Reviews, you can find a list of the academic and non-academic talks I have given, and the events I have been a reviewer for.


I launched the Women in IC initiative of the PhD in Computer Science association of EPFL (EPIC). Here is our events calendar !

If you are applying to a PhD in Computer Science at EPFL, and would like to get feedback from Phd students on application material, have a look here (any CS related subject) or reach out via mail (cryptography related only).

If you are reading cryptography-related papers and have questions about it, check out AskCrypto, a great initiative for sharing knowledge about cryptography launched by my colleague Abdullah Talayhan.

Contact me

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📍Visit me in INF239 on the EPFL campus.