Laurane Marco

PhD Student | EPFL

Research | Laurane Marco

Preprints and Publications

Solving the Tensor Isomorphism Problem for special orbits with low rank points: Cryptanalysis and repair of an Asiacrypt 2023 commitment scheme
Valerie Gilchrist, Laurane Marco, Christophe Petit, Gang Tang.

Exploring SIDH-based Signature Parameters
Andrea Basso, Mingjie Chen, Tako Boris Fouotsa, PĂ©ter Kutas, Abel Laval, Laurane Marco, Gustave Tchoffo Saah.
ACNS 2024 - Preprint

Malleable Commitments from Group Actions and Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Circuits based on Isogenies
Mingjie Chen, Yi Fu Lai, Abel Laval, Laurane Marco, Christophe Petit.
INDOCRYPT 2023 - Preprint

Making Classical (Threshold) Signatures Post-Quantum for Single Use on a Public Ledger
Laurane Marco, Abdullah Talayhan, Serge Vaudenay.
IWSEC 2023 - Preprint


Making Classical (Threshold) Signatures Post-Quantum for Single Use on a Public Ledger - Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) Cybersecurity Seminar Link

Towards Identity Based Encryption from M-SIDH and the SIDH Attacks - Leuven Isogeny Days 2023
Slides - Note: The security results presented for the IBE do not hold anymore.

Events attended

ACNS 2024 March 2024 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Leuven Isogeny Days 2023 October 2023 - KU Leuven, Belgium

IWSEC 2023 August 2023 - Yokohama, Japan

BIRS and ICMS Banff/Bristol Isogeny Workshop August 2023 - Bristol, United Kingdom

Eurocrypt 2023 April 2023 - Lyon, France

Leuven Isogeny Days 2022 September 2022 - KU Leuven, Belgium

Isogeny-based Cryptography Workshop March 2022 - University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Eurocrypt 2021 October 2021 - Zagreb, Coratia